Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday, Friday, Friday

Gotta love Friday. Today is the day I get to go home to be with my hunny. After being away all week it is always nice to go home. In some ways it is nice being gone because coming home is always a pleasure. In more ways though it isn't fun being away all week because I miss King so much. It is hard to have the phone contact only. But, I do have a good job and I enjoy what I do.

I swear it is a pain getting older...litterally a pain. I bowled last night with our team. I did pretty good for me. First game was a 141. Second was a 97 (typical for my second game). The third game was a 136. This from a gal who has a 103 average. I hurt so much today though. In October I had hurt my knee and my hip ended up hurting too. I've been feeling pretty good this past week until this morning. Ouch! I do know though it is good pain and it will go away soon. It also means I HAVE to start excercising again. I wouldn't hurt so much if I did.

Fridays are also good because most people aren't here at work. I have had one phone call and that was from my daughter. She works at Ames here too but in a different area. We didn't talk about work things. She just wanted to be sure I fed her animals because I'll be going to my mom's this afternoon and she lives at the house. It is funny some of our conversations. We switch between work items and personal. People are always shocked though to find out we are mother and daughter. What is really great is so many people adore her here at work so I hear a lot of good things about her.

Well, back to work for me!


Intense Guy said...

Hello Spacie - welcome to the blogging world. :)

*Hugs* You bowl much like I used to, LOL, my average was around 145-155 depending on if I was in a league and practicing a lot. But at least one game a night, I would bowl double digits. Kept things interesting... :)

Lainie said...

Hey Spacie. Thanks for visiting my blog and as always good to see you! I will be checking back from time to time. Hugs!!