Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funny Cartoon

My husband sent this to me and I just laughed so hard. I am a Democrat but this last election left a lot to be desired on who to choose. I almost went with Ralph Nader (yikes).

Yesterday was a mixture of good and bad. My brother is "helping out" at our mom's house. Cleaning as needed and such. Well, turns out he went into my daughter's room to use her modem. Hmmmm...I saw it as a lack of respect for her and told him not to go in there anymore. Sometimes you gotta wonder where he learned his manners. I don't think he'd like it if I just walked into his bedroom and sat there. My daughter was really upset too.

The fun part was making bookmarks out of papercraft with my friend. She is a crafty person and we get together at least once a year to work on a project. We really enjoy the time together. I got tired and left about 10ish and she didn't leave until 3:30 a.m! Boy, talk about getting into the zone! I still haven't learned how to put the pictures in the correct order. One day I'll just sit down and play. The four bookmarks are on top of the cartoon (obviously). The one on the left my friend made. I made the other three.
It seems like the end of the work year is stressful. Most people will be gone during the holidays and everything has to be done this week. The parties are fun so that is good.

Our project, LCROSS , might launch in April. It is exciting to know something that our center is working on will be leaving earth soon. The whole political dynamics is amazing. So, if you are interested in becoming an amiture astronomer check out the web site to see what is going on!

For once I went to a buffett and didn't stuff myself. Three of us went to a fantastic Indian buffett. I've learned what I can eat and what I can't as far as the heat factor goes. I can tollerate a certain amount of heat but sometimes the curry is too strong for me. It sure was yummy. This restaurant makes the best butter chicken.

This week we had a dusting of snow in the hills surrounding the valley I work in (Silicon Valley). In this part of Northern California we do not see it often and those who live up high enough have a rude awakening when driving in it. It sure brought out some cold mornings. I have to laugh because so many of us do not have heavy coats. Mostly light coats to get us from one building or vehicle to the next.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying the season. The holidays are hard on some. I am working very hard to enjoy the season. I love my husband so much and it brings me great joy to see him happy with decorations and gift wraping. If it wasn't for him I think I would have been in a funk this year.

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Punkn said...

wow! I went to the LCROSS web site. That stuff is WAY! over my heard! Those bookmarks are so cute. I used to scrapbook all the time but haven't had time lately. After the first of the year, I am going to make time for it.