Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So close...

Christmas is so close! Most of the gifts are wrapped and I am done shopping. Really. I am done. Really. I swear the sales out there are so good.

I do want to take my daughter to Macy's to get her a nice pea coat. She is so busy at work this week she hasn't had a chance to leave. The area she works in is expanding their workforce and they will be hiring soon. It is great to know someone will continue to have a job. She's been doing her job so long she is involved in the interview process. I just love how grown up she is.

Yesterday I met a g/f of mine for an after dinner drink. She brought a co-worker and we had a good time. We had told each other no gifts but of course we'd brought each other something. It was funny. I had already sent she and her daughter a Christmas card but I found one at Target that fit her perfectly. It had two girls facing each other on the picture. One gal said "Where is the Christmas party at?" The second gal said "Don't end a sentance with a preposition." You turn the card and the first gal says..."Where is the Christmas party at Bitch?" I laughed so hard and so did she when she read it.

My brother is an idiot. Complete idiot. Last week he came up to our mother's house to "help out". Yeah right. I said the backyard needed to be worked on. Well, it rained so he said he couldn't. So I told him what else needed to be done. Dump run, rooms to clear out. Things like that. In the meantime he called because he wants to meet up and "discuss" the finances. Okay, he is entitled to know. He wants to research where the money is in as far as where the funds go. He wants to know the monthly bills and such. Well, between work and being at mom's house once a week I really only get one day off. So I am paying the bills and keeping things going with my husband, daughter and her b/f. I haven't had a chance to really get caught up. Tentatively we set something up for the day after Christmas. Well, we went to the house last Saturday and boy was I HOT. NOTHING had been done. Nothing that I could see. Why he went into our mother's room is beyond me. He didn't clean up one thing. He didn't go to the dump or clear out the one room that needs it downstairs. What a jerk. He had sent an e-mail saying he will be back in Jan and will work on the yard. He might even hire people to help out. NOT. No way will he be bringing stangers to the house that I haven't met yet. No way. Anyway, can you tell I'm pissed at him? I cannot believe he has done this again. Says he will help out and doesn't do anything. In the beginning he did some things. Now, he is a waste of my time.

But, on a happier note. Hubby and I are going to celebrate our four year anniversary on Saturday the 27th. Yeahhh!!!! We will go to the chapel where we were married. We had forgotten to get a picture of it and need it for the scrapbook. We hope it doesn't snow. Neither of us know how to drive in snow. It will be a fun adventure. I am so blessed to have him in my life. Sometimes you realize you had gone through so much bad to reach a stage in your life where so much is good. I am extremely grateful for my life now.

hahaha I just spoke with a guy who walked by my office. He and I are the only ones left in our part of the building. Gotta love it when everyone is gone.

Take care!


Intense Guy said...

Merry Christmas Spacie!!

May you bowl a 300 game in the new year and find peace with the house your brother irks you about.

And Happy Anniversary!!!

Punkn said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! It is nice to be in a "happy place", isn't it...
It seems one in the family always ends carrying the load. Be glad it is you taking care of the finances and things. Otherwise, hard telling where the money will be and if the bills would get paid.

Merry Christmas!!!

Intense Guy said...


Just thought I'd pop in and say HI YAS!