Friday, December 12, 2008

Okay...I was so wrong

I love it when I am wrong in a good way. The other day I was wondering where the nice people were. Well, I needed to go the grocery store. A man was slightly ahead of me when we got to the carts. He was so nice. He pulled a cart out and gave it to me. Then he did it for the person behind me. Now that was a nice person!

Bowling was good yesterday. 122, 101 and 133. Yeah! My friend got a 153 and she was very happy too.

So I receive a call this morning from a super good friend of mine. Believe me...drinking in excess is not a good thing for her. All of her inhibitions go completely out the window. How she made it home I don't know and how she is making it to work this morning I don't know either. our Christmas party this week I got a little tipsy but I was just giggly. Plus I didn't have to drive. Walking from one building to another is really easy.

Oh well...tis the season!


Intense Guy said...


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to bowl on the space shuttle or on the moon?

Punkn said...

Congrats on the bowling. I tried bowling over the years and am just horrible at it!
Isn't it nice to be wrong in a good way...
LOL Iggy, maybe I'd be able to manage those heavy bowling balls on the moon!