Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a wonderful Holiday

Yes, this was Tom Turkey who was the main course of our Thanksgiving dinner. My husband does an awesome job of bbqing turkeys and most anything. Included on the menu was a roast pork. The whole dinner was just yummy.

We had dinner at my mother's house to honor her. She would have loved being there if she was still with us. Hubby and I spent two nights at the house with my daughter and her family. We had a BLAST! The best part of all is two people who could have put a damper on the whole party were not there.

Above the bbqed turkey is my daughter's dog Sage. She was a handful when she was a puppy but now she is just adorable. Yes, she was part of the fun and entertainment of the holiday. A perfect lady.
Hmmm....I cannot seem to move the picture. I'll have to work on that soon.

Saturday I took my graddaughter and niece to see "Twilight". They had both seen it already but were willing to go with me to see it too. I had read the first book so I would know what my granddaughter was reading. Well, personally I thought it was a little old for an 11 year old. She is 12 now. I told her mother the contents of the book. She didn't have an issue with it. She said it is only a book. I remember being her age and reading the Summer of '42. haha I got away with so much because my mother didn't read books. Well, she mentioned it once to someone what I was reading and that person was shocked my mother would let me read it at that age. Opps...luckily my mother had the same thoughts as my daughter...it is only a book.

It was such a wonderful weekend/holiday. Hubby and I took an extra day off and loved every minute of it.

I've kind of been keeping in touch with a girlfriend that I've known since grade school. We have a mutual close friend but hadn't kept up with each other too much. Well, this friend has truely made a transformation in her life. She is two years sober and had divorced her husband. Today she and I had some really good interactions on yahoo IM. It is so wonderful to know someone who had gone through so much hard times and be able to turn their lives around for the better. I really admire her for being so strong.

I've been dealing with ear issues the past month and a half. Basically is it just water behind the ear drum and it will eventually go away on its own. I had seen the doctor two weeks ago and he perscribed some meds to help me out. My right ear kept getting worse and worse though. I was at Costco last Saturday and a gentleman and I were having a conversation about the ground beef. At one point I was looking down and he said something. All I heard was mumble, mumble. I just looked up at him and smiled. What could I do really. I couldn't hear! Monday morning hubby and I were enjoying not having to get up at 4 a.m. and relaxing in bed. At one point my "bad" ear was exposed and the "good" ear was laying on the pillow. My poor husband...he said "I love You" and I didn't hear it. I didn't even ask What? hehe My usual response when I don't hear something. That morning I made an appointment with my doctor. My ear had gotten so plugged up with wax I couldn't hear well. Well, you know something is yucky when the nurse, who was flushing out the wax, is going Ewwww! Gross! LOL It was gross

Life is too funny sometimes.


Intense Guy said...

What a contrast...a delicious turkey, a lovely dog and ... a nurse going eeewwww over earwax!

Its messy but debrox really works and you might even enjoy how is fizzes in your ear.

spacegirl60 said...

Okay...I am giggling over having fizzies in my ear. I'll have to look for debrox. I sure don't want to go through the not hearing issue again. Thanks!

Punkn said...

dang! that turkey looks good enough to eat!